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System Infrastructure Audits

It is a cliche to say that business is changing, but it is true. But what doesn’t change is the need to keep up with modern technology trends in the data center. As new applications come online, do you have the network, systems and software support to run those applications? Do you have the personnel resources to maintain them long term?

If the freeway is full of potholes, it is not enough to just buy a new car. If your IT infrastructure is full of holes, new applications might only be of limited value. Worse yet, things could even break.

Kettle River offers auditing services to help you understand if your systems can be used to meet your growth goals. We analyze every area of your technical business:

  • Server hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Software platforms
  • Application frameworks
  • Network connectivity
  • Technical personnel
  • Industry and legal considerations

We recommend architectural changes where necessary to help move legacy systems to new technologies. We take a vendor-neutral approach so that the advice we give is the most cost-effective and rational possible.

By receiving an impartial system infrastructure audit from Kettle River, you reduce business risk. You’ll see trouble spots in your network and systems. You’ll avoid vendor lock-in by identifying equivalent low cost and open source tools and platforms. You’ll have a plan in place to train and hire staff to run the technologies that will become commonplace in the near future.

Some companies wait until an emergency occurs to analyze their IT infrastructure. Contact Kettle River to set an appointment to learn how we can help you before the crisis.