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Our Approach to Software

Software is the backbone of every modern company. It is a defining factor of whether a company competes or fails. Kettle River Consulting can help you compete – by providing superior application development and managed hosting services that make your business run at top speed.

Software Development Process

Our approach to development is comprehensive. To ensure high quality software, we believe that no stone should be left unturned. What do we consider when working with you?

Business Objectives1. Start with the Business Objectives

We help you define what business goals you have with the application that we design and run for you. Is it to increase revenue? Or to lower costs? Will you be streamlining an inefficient operation, or creating a new one that would be impossible without advanced software? By understanding what it is you need to get out of your software, we can coordinate with your team to manage high levels of quality throughout the project.

Business Processes2. Learn Your Business Processes

We endeavor to learn your product, processes and behaviors as fully as possible. That way your application will not just be a technical marvel but also contribute to reaching your objectives.

We do this by writing requirements documents, use cases and other analysis artifacts to get an understanding of the business needs of the project. As a part of this process, we work with you to determine the key measurements that define the project’s success. Without these being met, the project would probably be a failure. Such measurements are used during our status reporting so that the team is constantly focused on what “success” and “done” means.

Between establishing the business goals and understanding your processes, you can move forward with us with confidence that the project will be completed on time and on budget.

Data Model3. Build a Data Model that Meets Your Long Term Needs

Here’s a truth: your data is going to outlive any application you use. Applications will be upgraded, changed and even discarded – but your data will always exist. We create a data model first that takes not just your present requirements, but also those in the future. Therefore, you save your company many future headaches when new projects come online to integrate with your existing data model.

Logic Layer4. Program the Logic Layer to Support Your Business Processes

Effective software can be likened to a talented and loyal assistant. If the assistant is highly competent and well-trained, you have the peace of mind that they will do their job competently and without surprises. Kettle River aims to develop drama-free software.

We take a continuous approach to developing application features. That means new components that are introduced through the project life-cycle work immediately. It also means regular communication with stakeholders (technical and business) to confirm that the project is progressing properly.

We take advantages of modern frameworks and design patterns so that we don’t reinvent the wheel on your dime. We test rigorously and continually. When bugs surface, they are recognized early and handled immediately. The outcome great software that is usable right away.

Interface Layer5. Design the Interface that Makes Your Employees Thrive

To a user, the interface IS the application. A good application speaks to the users while removing unnecessary complexity. Your employees are then able to get more done and be assured that the application will be a help to them, not a hindrance.

Kettle River takes a 360 degree approach to software development. The results are stable applications and satisfied customers. Good software is without a doubt critical to your business. Can you afford any less?