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Our Team


  • BS – Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Dave has been working as a professional software developer for over 25 years. His first professional coding job was in the late 80’s writing custom real estate title process tracking software. It was during this time when he discovered the peace and beauty of data normalization. After a short stint as a firmware developer for a computer terminal manufacturer, Dave went back to writing software that didn’t respond to hardware interrupts for a living. He then worked for a couple of software product developers. One of these products failed spectacularly; the other was a moderate success until it imploded as well. It was during this time when he discovered that excitement in software development only led to sleepless nights, angry customers, stress, and layoffs.

It was after his time in product development in the early 90’s that Dave discovered the fun of writing boring software as a consultant to large software organizations. He especially enjoys making software that “just works” and gets the job done for his customers. Outside of work Dave enjoys outdoor pursuits, raising his 3 kids with his wife, and being active in the community.

Favorite Quote:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.


  • BS – Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • BS – Computer Science, University of Minnesota

Mike’s been at this a while. He built custom ERP and cross-department workflow applications for the avionics industry in the 80’s. The 90’s found him building distributed telcom T1/T3/SONET monitoring and testing systems for Baby Bells. Later in that decade Mike discovered Java and found it a liberating alternative to the C/C++ environments he was used to. Lately, Grails and Groovy have been his favorites. But reaching back to the mid 80’s, Mike has never stopped designing databases or the applications that edit them. He also likes ice hockey and Formula 1, just not combined.

Favorite Quote:

One simple view of an application is that it exists to edit a database or databases. The data outlives the application in nearly every business.


  • Juris Doctor, William Mitchell College of Law

Paul started his professional career as an lawyer, and is currently a licensed attorney in the state of Minnesota. In software, Paul started out as a C++ developer but he soon saw the light and came into the Java realm. Customers really value Paul’s insights into their databases and his ability to quickly understand data structures. Paul’s specialties are Grails/Groovy development, J2EE development, and writing reports using a variety of tools.

Favorite Quote:

There are a lot of similarities between legal work and software development – both fields apply a set of rules and logic to a problem to arrive at a solution.