Qualys Security

What is Qualys?
Qualys works with more than 10,300 businesses in 130 countries, including the majority of the companies in the Forbes 100. These companies trust Qualys Cloud Platform with their IT security. The cloud agent system from Qualys provides better coverage and a better experience than other solutions. It’s safer, simpler, and more cost effective. In our experience, Qualys provides the best tools for scanning and monitoring for security issues. However, many of our customers don’t have the time or expertise to use Qualys to its fullest potential.

That’s where we come in. Kettle River Consulting has 12 years of experience developing applications and managing IT infrastructure. We know how to apply security measures and how to interpret security scans. We know what to be concerned about, what and how concerns can be eliminated or mitigated, and what can be ignored.

Kettle River Consulting will provide you with a path to better security and make that security manageable.

Security Offerings
Kettle River Consulting offers three levels of service to help you implement Qualys into your IT infrastructure. All levels require the client to purchase the Qualys tools that meet their organization’s needs and budget.

Tier 1: Bronze Package: Short-term

Tier 2: Silver Package

Tier 3: Gold Package