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Ajax Development

Instead of building application interfaces in plain HTML, many companies today use AJAX programming techniques for a richer user experience. AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of web technologies that allow a web page to communicate to a server without interrupting the user’s interaction with the page. A well designed AJAX web interface translates into a more usable, friendlier application for the end user. Most end users only know a piece of software by its interface, so if one of your business goals is widespread adoption, then consider using AJAX as a component of your next web application.

Kettle River has experience using all of the components of AJAX programming since the mid 1990s. We thorougly understand and continually implement technologies like the HTML DOM, JavaScript, XML, JSON and server-side components to make fluid and fast user interfaces.

Lately, we’ve implemented AJAX frameworks in new projects to speed development and reduce overall costs. Some frameworks include:

  • JQuery
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Yahoo! User Interface Library
  • Prototype
  • Scriptalicious
  • DWR Direct Web Remoting