Mobile Applications

Enterprise applications almost always include a mobile app component. Five years ago, this was just starting to sink it for everyone. Today, it’s assumed. Many of our customers don’t build a web application at all! Things are moving quickly.

Application development for mobile devices isn’t something left to afterthought and requires some architecture in the server to properly deploy and control.

When building a mobile app, you should consider the following questions:

    • Will my app use the same API as my enterprise web application? Does my server team need to develop special services for my mobile application?
    • Will I build a “native” app, or create a web application that has a profile that works well on mobile devices?
    • Will I hire both IOS and Android developers? How will I keep both versions in sync and behaving the same?
    • Can React Native give my users the application experience they need from a single set of source code, cutting my mobile development effort and staff by as much as 50%?
    • Do my customers need an Amazon Store version of the app? Are they tech-savvy enough to “side-load” from the Google Play store?
    • Who will monitor my Apple, Google, and Amazon accounts and update the mobile applications to meet the latest requirements to prevent apps from being suddenly removed from the app store(s)?
    • What if my mobile app is discovered to be mis-behaving? What if a vulnerability is suddenly noticed? Can I shut it down without affecting my web app? Can I quickly respond?
    • Do I have control over what versions of the application, albeit on IOS or Android, are in use by my customers? Can I force them to upgrade. Can I lock out old versions of the app?

    Kettle River has faced all these challenges and we have experience in solving them in ways that are sustainable and manageable.
    Let us leverage our experience for you!