Mobile Applications

Developing mobile applications have been extremely hot for consumer oriented applications for the last 2 years.  There are over 134,000 applications available for the iPhone.  Android has tens of thousands of applications available on the Android marketplace. With the introduction of the iPad (and soon Android tables) even more mobile applications are being developed .

Application development for mobile devices is different from developing applications for previous mobile devices.

  • Phones and tablets don’t have a mouse.  Touching the screen is a key element of the user interface.  Many previous devices like the Palm Treo or Windows Mobile devices rely on a stylus for clicking.
  • All iPhones and iPad and many Android devices have WiFi networking built in.  WiFi is generally much faster than cellular data networks.
  • All iPhones and some iPads can use 3G data networks.  All Android devices have mobile capability.
  • The new mobile devices have significant amounts of computing resources available.  This is in contrast to devices from the past where processor and memory resources where very constrained.

Mobile applications are perceived to be just for consumers.  At Kettle River we disagree – we think that the mobiles applications will be very relevant for business applications in the near future.  One key area of this will be integrating mobile applications with enterprise databases through web services.  Kettle River has the background in enterprise development and the mobile computing experience to bring your data off the desktop and into the world.