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Why Good Software is Boring

You’re probably looking at this page because your company needs a software application. That’s great because we build boring enterprise software.

Why would you want boring when so many consultancies promise “exciting, bleeding edge synergistically-infused energy software”? Because boring software rules. Here are some reasons why.


Boring Software is Predictable.

Forward-moving companies must have stable business processes. Such processes are run by complicated pieces of software. Business software has to run correctly all the time. Kettle River’s approach to both business and software is process-oriented from beginning to end. You benefit by having reduced down time, increased productivity and peace of mind knowing your systems will work tomorrow, like they did today.

Some say that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”, but nobody says that when they turn on the lights, start their car or renew their license at the DMV. Foolish consistency makes for drab conversation around the water cooler, but means success, whether in the server room or in the board room. Continue to our software development process.


Boring Software is Simple.

Einstein said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”. Sometimes there are no easy solutions, but other times there are. The key is to have the maturity and balance to know how much application is needed to solve today’s problems, and to reasonably predict future needs.

Kettle River’s approach to applications is to keep it simple wherever possible, and robust wherever necessary. This keeps projects affordable for our clients. Though that may mean our costs are lower when compared to our competitors, Kettle River enjoys long term relationships with the clients that we serve. Our customers trust us knowing that they will always get a sincere, professional service that takes their business interests into consideration. Continue to our testimonials.


Boring Software is Secure.

Sometimes Bad Things happen to Good Software. But great developers write software that mitigates against common security problems. At Kettle River, we bake secure considerations right into the architecture. It first requires a clear understanding of what your team’s expectations are in terms of security, and also understanding of the application’s audience and behaviors.

We believe security is a process, not a product. To that end, we don’t just build secure applications, but we also help your team maintain the software so that stays secure, whether against unauthorized access, tampering of data or attempts to undermine application reliability. We also can help your applications meet PCI compliance.

Our broad experience in software development, systems and networking give us an edge over other software firms. The software we build may be boring, but the results we provide our customers are just fabulous. Seriously! Our software really makes a positive difference. If you want to know more about how we can make a difference in your organization, please contact us.



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