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Managed Services

Why choose Kettle River to manage your enterprise application?

To most hosting companies, “managed services” means web, application or database hosting. But at Kettle River we go beyond ordinary, commodity services. How so?

Our customers have already invested time and money in teaching us their business while we develop a software solution for them. It only makes sense, then, that the people who built the application be the ones who run it.

For your business, we don’t just manage every layer of the system. We also administer your application needs as a whole. That includes security, upgrades and responding to your changing business requirements, with no unplanned downtime. Commodity services companies won’t do that, because they position themselves for high volume.

If your needs exceed plain vanilla hosting services, we can be an equitable business solution for you.

Why hire an employee when you can rent one?

Let’s look at an alternative. Some companies hire one team to write their application and another to maintain it. The latter team is instantly at a disadvantage, because all of the knowledge of the business processes and the application itself resides with the software developers. A second drawback might also be personnel-related. To manage an enterprise application, a company needs the continual services of talented developers, database administrators and network operations staff. If these were all full time employees, the cost of running the application could become burdensome.

By choosing Kettle River to manage your application, you eliminate those disadvantages. After developing your application, we intimately know its capabilities and limitations. We know your users and understand your benchmarks for success. We know the hardware, operating system, database and network needs of the application, and how to tune them accordingly. We already have the knowledge to make your software run well.

But we also are an attractive option because we cost less than a staff of full-time employees. In this economy, every dollar counts. By using Kettle River, you can save money over the long run, assisting you in your goal of profitability.

Your application needs are unique. Why not contact us to find out how we can best serve you?

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