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About Kettle River Consulting

Kettle River Consulting started because Dave and Mike believed we could build a business that gave customers a great value while making a fair profit.  We wanted to control our own destiny and be responsible for the profits as well as the burdens that owning a business brings.

Caribou Lake Software (CLS) was sold to GfK, a German marketing firm, back in 2000.  That consulting business continued to thrive and grow, and managed services was added and many long term relationships flourished.

In 2006, GfK decided to shut down all external consulting the CLS was doing,  absorb the majority of the its consultants, and have them work on internal IT projects.

That left many long-time and loyal clients with a need for the expertise that CLS  provided for years.  GfK acknowledged this and graciously allowed Mike to leave the firm and start a new company (Kettle River) that services a good number of former CLS consulting clients.

Two of these clients were also customers of managed services.  These two clients were especially worried about the CLS shutdown, but thanks to GfK and Kettle River, the transition was painless and very smooth.

Caribou Lake also had told the JSQL customer base they would cease support of the product in June 2007.  Since the only remaining JSQL engineers were either no longer with CLS or leaving to form Kettle River, it made sense for GfK to transfer the assets of CLS’s product lines to Kettle River where they could be maintained and serviced. Kettle River actually extended support for the JSQL product line and still supports it today.

Where to find us

18140 Zane Street NW, PMB 338
Elk River, MN 55330

How to reach us